HTC at The Way Station

We wanted remind you of our triumphant return to The Way Station in Prospect Heights   on Saturday, March 24th.  Our new bass player, Gina, is sounding TIGHT. It’s going to be a really great line up with some really unique acts. Also, the Way Station has no cover, so….s’free.

8PM: Nick Demeris - Nick’s sound spans the likes of Jelly Roll Morton to Mos Def, Andrew Bird to the Roots, & Woodie Guthrie to Janelle Monae; with a performance aesthetic that ranges from Charlie Chaplin to Reggie Watts.  His sets include performing improvised comedy, music, and pre-written songs, all using a loop pedal to engage the audience in a “Bobby Mcferrin like” fashion.

9PM: Emma Heartbeat - Is a female-fronted trio from Germany. Their music is an energetic mixture of English rap, that intensely flirts with female bass music. Don’t worry, we don’t know what that means either – we just copied it from their web site. You KNOW it’ll be fun to find out, though.

10PM: Your friends, HADRON THE COLLIDER!

Hope to see you there – Steampunk attire optional.


Hadron the Collider Performs at the Pinebox Rock Shop

Hadron the Collider is so forward thinking that we are in actuality, tomorrow afternoon.

This is why we will be performing at the coolest bar you haven’t heard of yet – The Pine Box Rock Shop in West Bushwick, Brooklyn.

Forget about 7th and Bedford, folks… that was soooo 2006.  Come out to the Morgan stop and bring plenty of friends and some mace, and join us Friday, October 14th for very cheap drinks and very cool tunes.

Hadron the Collider… Kinda like the Big Bang.

Hadron the Collider Performs at The Way Station

The Alt Post Anti-Folk Acoustic Rock Podcast Science band, Hadron the Collider, performs at Brooklyn’s The Way Station on Saturday, September 24, 9 PM.

You should come.


Episode 32: Baby Fight!

Wherein Hadron the Collider discuss baby documentaries as aphrodisiac, Jon Severe’s new arrival, training babies to fight and a new Hadron the Coliider song called, “Washateria”.


Hadron the Collider Salutes Schottky at The Trash Bar this Saturday Night!

Nothing to do this Saturday, July 23rd?

Join Hadron the Collider as they play as set in salute to the Swiss born German physicist, Walter Schottky!
Born on the 23rd of July in 1886, Schottky was one of the co-inventors of the ribbon microphone.
In addition, he discovered the Schottky Effect – an irregularity in the emissions of thermions in vacuum tubes.. so that’s kinda dirty, I think… which means it’s cool!
Hadron the Collider will raise a glass to this dirty and cool dude as they perform at 8 PM at their favorite venue, The Trash Bar.
Join us for music, drink and irregular emissions in vacuums!

July 23rd
8 PM
Open Bar 8-9
The Trash Bar
256 Grand Street, NY
(718) 599-1000 ‎ ·