Hadron the Collider Performs at The Way Station

The Alt Post Anti-Folk Acoustic Rock Podcast Science band, Hadron the Collider, performs at Brooklyn’s The Way Station on Saturday, September 24, 9 PM.

You should come.


Episode 32: Baby Fight!

Wherein Hadron the Collider discuss baby documentaries as aphrodisiac, Jon Severe’s new arrival, training babies to fight and a new Hadron the Coliider song called, “Washateria”.


Episode 31: Because Six Year Olds Are Expensive

Wherein Hadron the Collider weigh-in on the old Boxer vs. Briefs debate, discuss the “$20 and Over Club”, party-foul the new Collidercave and propound on the best way to soak up a beer spill.


Episode 30: Die in Debt

Wherein Hadron the Collider reflects on The Boss, offers a little sage financial advice to America, weighs in on the the old “commerce vs. art” debate and salutes their neighbor, Barry Manilow.


Episode 29: Cough…Spit

Wherein Hadron the Collider reveal a new song composed for guitar and iPad, discuss stress tests, the attention getting shave and more.


Episode 28: Dancey Dancey In My Bowler Hat

Wherein Hadron the Collider discuss how Black Swan is really just Fight Club for ladies, how Thom Yorke really is the King of Limbs, how to put a hole in your brain in West Virginia and how a Chelsea gay-bar handles Jon Severe.



Hadron the Collider Footlines at The Parkside Lounge, March 29th at 7:00

Hadron the Collider performs in the great state of Manhattan for the first time ever!
Don’t miss a rare opportunity to see this band outside of their native habitat of Brooklyn.
Come out to the Parkside Lounge on March 29 at 7:00 to see us perform.  317 East Houston between Ave B and C.

Episode 26: Hypothalamus Pie

Wherein Hadron the Collider talk pirates, angry birds, the Korg Kaossilator, River Monsters and pie, Pie, PIE!  Plus Jon Severe regales us with a techno version of an old Hadron the Collider song.


1954 — 1950s Woman Presenting Holding Freshly Baked Pie — Image by © DeBrocke/ClassicStock/Corbis

Episode 25: Crackers, Cheese and Matt Damon

Wherein Hadron the Collider ponder Matt Damon’s badassness, the gross underbelly of the internet, getting your picture on Google street view and more.


Black Heart Valentine: Hadron the Collider Celebrates the Artificial Heart at The Trash Bar 02.14.2011

Born on Valentine’s Day, 1911, Dutch-American physician Willem J. Kolff headed the team that invented and tested the first artificial heart.  The fake heart was put into a dog in December of 1957.

90 minutes later, the dog died.

But 30 years after that, in 1982, the very first artificial heart was implanted into a human being!

How fitting it is that a man born on Valentine’s Day, a day soaked in commercial superficiality and over-rippened for hackneyed cynicism, would be the same man that would invent an artificial heart, a device that has prolonged life of thousands, given each the ability to continue to love their family and friends just a little bit longer.

Hadron the Collider salutes Willem Kolff.

Come celebrate the artificial heart-maker, Willem J. Kolff, and the retaking of Valentine’s Day as a Day o’ Love, with Hadron the Collider at the Trash Bar on February 14th at 8 PM.

There will be music.

There will be drink.

There will be love.

The Trash Bar
256 Grand St. between Driggs and Roebling
Williamsburg, Brooklyn NY 11211

Episode 24: Gelatinous Balls

Wherein Hadron the Collider mull over the appeal of ginger beer and bubble tea, discuss proper conversational etiquette in the loo, and alpha females vs. beta males.


Episode 23: Firecrackers in Your Hands!

Wherein Hadron the Collider discuss how hard it is being Hadron the Collider, what it would be like if Jon was Andrew and Andrew was Jon, and plan a party with all of Jon’s former roommates!


Episode 22: The Death of Hipsters

Wherein Hadron the Collider discuss true love/emotional trauma, hipster croquet and killing people with American cars.


Mini-Collidercast VI: Through the Barn Door


Wherein Hadron the Collider discuss Aging Male Syndrome, Crazy Monkies and Smoothing Out the Garden Hose.